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Who's Alex?

I’m Alex Knoch. I’m a local SEO specialist from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I’ve been making websites that rank on Google since 2008. That’s over 15 years! During that time I’ve started over 20 websites and I’ve learned a lot about search engine optimization. I currently have 4 other websites: TravelTipsByAlex.com, OutdoorsByAlex.com, RecipesByAlex.com, and AcquisitionsByAlex.com

Now that I have experience getting websites millions of visitors, my goal has shifted to helping local businesses thrive on Google and in their local communities with affordable local SEO services.

In addition to 15 years of experience, I also have some certifications from Google including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Ad Manager, Authorized Buyers, Google AdMob, and Google Marketing Platform.


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